Vice President of Organizing and Outreach | The Vice President of Organizing and Outreach coordinates member organizing efforts and helps effect organizing policy as outlined by Stewards’ Council. Chair of Stewards’ Council Sets the weekly agenda for Stewards’ Council at the advisory of other councils & members Frequently facilitates meetings or assists in designating a facilitator Identifies future directions for Stewards’ Council members Assists in the onboarding of new stewards via check-ins and logistical set-up Organizing & Outreach Activities Identifies, participates in, and/or delegates opportunities to organize around member issues (e.g., Board of Trustee meetings, salient issues brought up by Stewards’ Council) Assists in identifying opportunities for members to grow their skills as organizers by reaching out to people for trainings and workshops Working with Staff Serves on hiring committees for new staff organizers Works closely with staff organizers to identify and address organizing opportunities Vice Presidential Duties Fills in for the president in their absence, e.g. at AFT-MI presidential leadership events or at general membership meetings Serves as interim president in the event the president leaves or steps down

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