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GEU Executive Board

Per the GEU constitution, there are six elected positions that make up our union’s Executive Board. These positions were voted on at our Spring 2023 General Members Meeting.

The 2023 – 2024 Executive Board:

Elections for the next academic year are held each spring semester and any member of the union in good standing can run for election.

Read the position descriptions below and email if you are interested!

President | The central role of the president is to oversee goal and strategy development for the union. Duties include: The GEU President is the chief spokesperson for the GEU when interviews or quotations are requested, unless there is a more logical point person Representing Union to the Employer in labor management meetings, but not necessarily grievance meetings. Attending MSU Board of Trustees meetings when issues come up related to the GEU, President should formally address the board here, when appropriate Support strategy development of BOT addresses in collaboration with VPOO Maintaining contact with the president and field representatives from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) through trainings, LEAD sessions, and other relevant AFT programs & presidents of locals in Michigan via Michigan Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals (MAGEL) Supporting relations with other campus groups, suggested when appropriate Maintaining communications between Executive Board officers Relaying messages Providing a structure for eb officers to talk to each other Goal coordination and check ins Collaborating with Treasurer on GEU budget administration Supervising Staff Organizers
Vice President of Contract Negotiations & Enforcement | The GEU Vice President of Contract Negotiations & Enforcement is responsible for contract negotiations and agreement enforcement. Other responsibilities include: Representing Union to Employer regarding contract issues Attending bi-monthly meetings with MSU Office of Employee Relations Acting as liaison between Executive Board, Stewards, and Bargaining Team Chairing Member Defense Committee, including setting & sending agendas to committee members, facilitation meetings, and oversight of issue tracking Recruiting and training Member Defense Committee members Filing of issue documents, including semester summary Recruiting and training Member Defense Committee members
Treasurer | Facilitates union actions by overseeing financial operations, maintaining financial records, and working with other leaders on union policy. In more detail: Chair Budget Committee Prepare the Budget with input from Stewards, the Executive Council, Budget Committee, and the General Membership Work with our accountant to reconcile and review the finances for fiscal year end and tax year end Point of contact for business relations, e.g. the accountant and the AFT-MI Controller’s office Writes checks to pay bills, signs all checks Collaborates with the Solidarity Grant Administrator(s) and Budget Committee to administer the Solidarity Grant Oversees financial bookkeeping Reviews and drafts policy with the help of Stewards, the Executive Council, and Budget Committee Expected time commitment: 3-10 h per week (5 h average)
Vice President of Organizing and Outreach | The Vice President of Organizing and Outreach coordinates member organizing efforts and helps effect organizing policy as outlined by Stewards’ Council. Chair of Stewards’ Council Sets the weekly agenda for Stewards’ Council at the advisory of other councils & members Frequently facilitates meetings or assists in designating a facilitator Identifies future directions for Stewards’ Council members Assists in the onboarding of new stewards via check-ins and logistical set-up Organizing & Outreach Activities Identifies, participates in, and/or delegates opportunities to organize around member issues (e.g., Board of Trustee meetings, salient issues brought up by Stewards’ Council) Assists in identifying opportunities for members to grow their skills as organizers by reaching out to people for trainings and workshops Working with Staff Serves on hiring committees for new staff organizers Works closely with staff organizers to identify and address organizing opportunities Vice Presidential Duties Fills in for the president in their absence, e.g. at AFT-MI presidential leadership events or at general membership meetings Serves as interim president in the event the president leaves or steps down
International Chair | The GEU International Chair is responsible for organizing for issues concerning international students as they emerge. Some of the regular responsibilities include: Chairing the International Graduate Student Committee (IGSC) Facilitates or supports facilitating biweekly IGSC meetings Builds coalition with other international communities on campus Recruits and coaches committee members Leads the semesterly MOU meeting with the English Learning Center
Chief Information Officer | The GEU CIO is responsible for record-keeping and communications. Other responsibilities include: Chairing the Publicity Committee Drafting, editing, and distributing emails to GEU members, non-members, and Department Stewards Advising promotional campaigns and preparing promotional materials Copy-editing organizational documents Developing website and social media content management strategy Managing the GEU’s social media accounts, either directly or through checking in on a designated social media manager from Publicity Committee Delegating the creation of institutional memory (records of processes, timelines, written / oral histories, etc.) and managing the institutional memory folder