Legal Service

GEU represents all MSU Teaching Assistants in the grievance process regardless of membership status.

If you are having a work-related problem call or email the Union office at 517-332-2824 or

The GEU purchases occupational liability insurance for all members’ protection.

There are two components to this important protection for GEU/AFT members: the AFT Occupational Liability Insurance Plan and Legal Action Trust. These two parts provide protection for claims arising out of the professional employment activities of an insured AFT member.

Part 1:
The Occupational Liability Insurance Policy provides coverage up to $1 million of protection for each member for bodily injury and property damage and $1 million per member for personal injury with a $3 million annual aggregate. The policy provides coverage for most of the claims activity involving employment activities.

Part 2:
The AFT has established a special Legal Action Trust, which may provide reimbursement protection for other exposures. The trust has a $1 million per occurrence limit and an annual aggregate limit of $1 million.

By combining the insurance policy with the Legal Action Trust, members receive broad protection.

The AFT Occupational Liability Insurance Plan is administered by Thomas T. North Inc and underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company. To report a claim, call 866/238-2388 or e-mail

Other Legal Issues

AFT Plus

AFT Plus legal service offers GEU members free and discounted legal assistance.

Services available include:

  • Free consultation, up to 30 minutes on almost any legal matter
  • Free document review, receive free oral explanations of important personal documents such as leases or insurance policies
  • Free follow-up services, if the lawyer thinks the problem can be solved with a phone call or letter, then it will be done without charge
  • 30% discount on mortgage closing

For a local attorney please call 1-888-993-8886 or


COGS and ASMSU have joined together to provide a wide range of legal services to MSU students. This service is free to all graduate students. The plan enables students to consult a staff attorney on many legal matters such as landlord/tenant problems, small claims, traffic offenses, and minor criminal/civil matters. For more specialized needs, students are referred to other area attorneys.

The Students Defender Division of legal services provides students with advice concerning University regulations, judiciary programs, and any other type of paralegal help necessary to resolve intra-university problems. Students Legal Services is located in Room 329, Student Services Building.

Due to a large number of phone calls and potential problems, no legal advice of any kind will be given over the phone. Call 517-353-3716 or stop by the office to make an appointment.

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