President | The central role of the president is to oversee goal and strategy development for the union. Duties include: The GEU President is the chief spokesperson for the GEU when interviews or quotations are requested, unless there is a more logical point person Representing Union to the Employer in labor management meetings, but not necessarily grievance meetings. Attending MSU Board of Trustees meetings when issues come up related to the GEU, President should formally address the board here, when appropriate Support strategy development of BOT addresses in collaboration with VPOO Maintaining contact with the president and field representatives from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) through trainings, LEAD sessions, and other relevant AFT programs & presidents of locals in Michigan via Michigan Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals (MAGEL) Supporting relations with other campus groups, suggested when appropriate Maintaining communications between Executive Board officers Relaying messages Providing a structure for eb officers to talk to each other Goal coordination and check ins Collaborating with Treasurer on GEU budget administration Supervising Staff Organizers

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