Summer GMM 7/12

Coming up on July 12th we’re planning a general members meeting as celebration and thanks for the volunteers who made this great new contract possible! The GMM will be held at 6PM at the Allen Neighborhood Center and will have catering and alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages provided.

While we thank those who have made our past efforts possible, we also want to look to the future and will be amending our constitution. As our union grows we found that some old aspects of the constitution no longer seem relevant and require some updating to meet the needs of the union. The changes are largely for this kind of housekeeping. You can find the proposed amendments here and we will have full discussion prior and opportunity to amend prior to sending out the electronic ballot for voting, which will remain open for one month.

Also please remember to check your membership status, if you aren’t currently a TA you need to sign up for associate membership (which can be partially reimbursed if you get a TA position before your associate membership expires)

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