Solidarity Call! Stand with DACA!

The current federal administration’s actions related to DACA directly impact numerous members of the graduate and undergraduate community at MSU. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our RCS Stewards, Osvaldo and José, you should know that them as leaders for positive change on campus. As this article from the State News describes, they are also DACA participants. During their time at MSU, these two (along with so many others who have close personal ties to the DACA program) have dedicated themselves to improving life for students across campus through their involvement with various campus groups for change, including GEU. We are so lucky to have folks like José and Osvaldo among our campus community.

Call your representatives today and demand a legislative solution that will keep our colleagues and their families together. Find your representative here: and talk to them about the American Hope Act today.

(For more on this bill: follow this link.)

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