Post-Election Letter to our Members



For those of you looking to get involved to stand up to the forces of discrimination and hate, please check out our Standing Together page.



Samuel Lipschutz, President

Sara Bijani, Vice President of Grievance and Contract Enforcement

Jeny Lai, Information Officer

Charles Loelius, Treasurer

James Daly, Steward

Emily Frankman, Steward

Kathryn Frens, Steward

Greg Hunter, Steward

Cathleen Fry, Steward

Kathryn Lankford, Steward

Farzan Marsour, Steward

Claire Manning, Steward

Charles Moulding, Steward

Suzanne Neefus, Steward

Nerli Paredes, Steward

Lisa-Marie Pierre, Steward

Mohammad R. Rawashdeh, Steward

Shawna Rowe, Steward

Osvaldo Sandoval, Steward

Maggie Sawdy, Steward

Mark Suchyta, Steward

Stephen Vrla, Steward

Anne Von Petersdorff, Steward

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