Is there anywhere to find out more information about our healthcare?

You can also visit ALEX, our virtual benefits counselor that provides online benefits education and decision support for graduate assistants.

How do I enroll in the health insurance plan?

All Graduate Assistants are automatically enrolled.

I have a TA position but never received an insurance card. Who do I contact?

Every TA is eligible for the health insurance benefits negotiated in the GEU contract. Ask your department administrative assistant to check that your employment paperwork was completed. You can print out a card directly from the Blue Care Network

Do I have to pay for health insurance? 

If you have a TA position, you are automatically enrolled and in the enhanced GA Aetna health insurance plan negotiated by the GEU. This benefit is part of the total compensation package GEU negotiates. While we do not contribute towards the premium by writing a monthly check to Aetna – our insurance isn’t free.  We have given up stipend increases to pay for it.

ANNUAL PLAN COSTS (please see semester costs when enrolling dependent)

Annual MSU Cost Student Cost
$2732 $2732 $0
Student with Spouse/OEI $5,464 $5,232 $232
Student with Spouse/OEI and 1 Child $8,195 $4,932 $3,263
Student with Spouse & all Children $10,927 $4,932 $5,995
Student with one Child $5,464 $5,232 $232
Student with all Children $8,195 $4,932 $3,263

Can I get any health benefits for my partner via my Assistantship?

Yes! Covered students may also enroll their lawful spouse, OEI*, and children under age 26. MSU will contribute $2,500 (annually) towards the cost of a spouse or child, and $2,200 (annually) towards the cost of a spouse and/or child(ren).

*Other Eligible Individual (OEI) affidavits must be on file with MSU Human Resources. For Other Eligible Individual eligibility requirements please contact MSU Human Resources at: (800) 353-4434 or (517) 353-4434; or Aetna Student Health (800) 859-8452.

How can I add a dependent or partner to my health insurance plan?

To enroll, please go to and enroll by the established deadline.

We recommend that employees who experience a “qualifying event” (e.g., marriage, divorce, birth of a child) consult with a MSU Employee Benefits specialist, as there may be other benefits that are impacted.

Tabatha Dixon
Senior Human Resources Professional/Supervisor
Total Compensation & Wellness


How do I find a doctor (a list of “Preferred Providers”)?

To locate Preferred providers go to

Do I have to go to MSU’s Olin Health Center?

If you are within 45 miles of the MSU East Lansing Campus you must begin treatment at Olin. Olin staff will refer you to another provider if necessary. Your first three visits to Olin are free.

Where should I go in an emergency if Olin is closed?

The nearest Emergency Room to campus is Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital located at 1215 E. Michigan Avenue (map).

Is there a charge if I go to the emergency room because Olin is closed?

There is a $50 co-pay at the emergency room if your visit is not an for an emergency.

My dependent child is on my policy. Where do I take her if she’s sick?

If within 45 miles of MSU, children are encouraged to utilize the MSU Health Team for treatment. The phone number is (517) 353-3003.

Are physical exams covered?

Yes, TAs are covered for a full annual physical with any age appropriate tests.

Is birth control covered?

Yes. There is no co-pay for generics.

How do I make an appointment at Olin?

Call Olin at 353-4660 to make an appointment. Bring your student ID and your insurance card.

Where do I find more information about Olin?

Visit or email

Can I continue my coverage if I am no longer an assistant?

Graduate Assistants, who no longer qualify for the MSU Graduate Assistant Student Health Insurance Plan for 2015-16, are eligible to purchase health insurance coverage under the 2015-16 MSU Continuation Plan, on a voluntary basis, if you meet the criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your Graduate Assistantship has ended and you have been continuously insured under the MSU Student Health Plan for at least six consecutive months, and
  • You are leaving the university or do not meet the Eligibility and enrollment guidelines to enroll in the Base Plan as a Graduate Student.

To enroll, please contact MSU HR at (800)353-4434 or Please note that this insurance does not provide the same coverage levels you enjoy as a GA.

Click How to Use Your Health Insurance for additional information on how to use your health insurance.