Know Your Rights

Based on the GEU contract and University policy, all employees have the right to…

A workplace free from harassment, discrimination, and bullying: You have the right to be treated fairly regarding access to educational opportunities, employment, and other University resources irrespective of your race, gender, national origin, disability status, or other identities. More information on the University’s anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies can be found here. More information on bullying and other types of misconduct can be found here.

Research integrity: You have the right to take fair credit for research that you conducted. The University is obligated to abide by policies and procedures for investigating instances of alleged misconduct involving research to safeguard research integrity. More information on policies and procedures can be found at the Research Integrity Office website and in this document.

A reasonable workload: You have the right to a workload that does not unreasonably exceed the number of hours per week specified by your appointment fraction (eg 20 hours per week for a ½-time
appointment) when averaged over the course of the semester.

A safe workplace: You have the right to a working environment that lets you complete your duties safely. Your employer has the duty to provide you with any equipment that is necessary to your safety during work. Our Contract (Section 23) and Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration are resources to help you understand and claim these rights.

Fair pay: You have the right to an established stipend commensurate with your appointment (1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 time). If you are made to work beyond the time stipulated by your appointment, you have the right to compensation for that time or an increase in your appointment.

Training: You have the right to free provision of the technology, support, and training that are necessary to do your job. Article 15 of the GEU contract has more details about training.

Organize: You have the right to join the GEU or any other graduate student organization without facing retaliation or negative consequences from the University or your supervisor.