GEU Function

Membership Meetings

Meetings are held at least once a semester. At membership meetings, the entire membership is invited to speak about important issues, hear about the details of union work, and participate in planning union events.


GEU members are passionate about enforcing our contractual rights. These actions may take the form of demonstrations, rallies, informational pickets, and other events as deemed necessary. GEU members vote to determine the time and nature of such events.

Dues & Fees

Union dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck. The dues rate is currently set at 1.6% of salary. If you do  join GEU,  you will be able to vote on all GEU matters- except contracts if you are not in the bargaining unit- and hold office within the union 

Non-TA Membership

While the Union is currently authorized to negotiate a contract only for Teaching Assistants, it is the case that the benefits negotiated by the union extend to Research Assistants and other students at Michigan State University. Graduate students who are not currently teaching assistants can join the union for $40.00 a year and are entitled to all the same rights and benefits as other union members (except for voting on contracts in units they are not members of).