The Budget Committee oversees the operations and infrastructure internal to the union and ensures the union runs smoothly, supporting organizers and members in their work as students and as union members.

The International Graduate Students Committee works towards understanding and addressing issues related to international graduate employees. One of its most recent campaigns has been against the English Speak Test.

The Member Defense Committee is the body that makes sure that our contract is enforced properly. This committee defends our contractual rights and negotiates solutions when problems arise.

The Pedagogy Committee helps ensure TAs receive the professional development training they need to be successful in their jobs, determines the needs of our membership in terms of professional development, and communicates with MSU regarding professional development for TAs.

Publicity Committee- This committee is responsible for GEU managing messaging, communications, and media contacts. Publicizing GEU events and maintaining strategic media contacts.  They draft press releases, emails, advise promotional campaigns, and develop website content management strategies.

Remember: you are the union. With everyone’s help, we can continue to be a very strong organization.

If you’re interested in joining one of these committees, email us at