Teaching Support

Under our new 2019-2023 GEU/MSU contract all employees are supposed to receive course specific training. If you have not gotten training for the class you are teaching please call the Union office at 517-332-2824 or send us a quick email at

Trainings & Professional Development Opportunities

The Teaching Assistance Program, part of the Graduate School, offers several workshops a semester to help with your teaching or career advancement.  See what they have to offer here: TAP Workshops

The Grad School website offers several resources to help you develop different teaching styles that you can view online here.

This page helps with designing and running online and blended courses: Learning Design and Technology

The Graduate School also offers a unique opportunity for TAs in some colleges to get a certification in college teaching – this can help you both with your teaching, but also with getting a job later – to find out more, go here: Certification in College Teaching

This grad student blog hosted by Inside Higher Ed has helpful articles and ideas on teaching as well as a host of other subjects GradHacker

The Center for Teaching and Technology offers some resources as well.

How about the Inside Teaching Board?

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