Update from General Membership Meeting

Contract Negotiations

We are currently looking for suggestions of bargaining planks to add to our platform and for members to join bargaining teams. Please see the attached form with current draft bargaining planks for options of bargaining teams to join that match your interests, and the bargaining process document with the procedure for proposing planks (planks are pieces or individual issues of our platform). Note the planks shown are still in a draft phase and can be added to or edited as time goes on. Please email geu@geuatmsu.org to volunteer to join a bargaining team or to submit bargaining plank proposals.

The more voices active in this process, the better our bargaining platform will reflect the desires of the graduate student body, and the more people volunteering for the process the more we’ll achieve at the bargaining table!

Other Upcoming Events

On Monday, May 14th at 10 am at the GEU office we will be having a Negotiating for Parents Rights Meeting that will include discussions about dependent care, child care, parental leave. Email geu@geuatmsu.org for more info!