Contract Plain and Simple

Term of Agreement
This contract is valid from May 16th, 2015, to May 15th, 2019.

You cannot be discriminated against for any reason, including (but not limited to) the following: age, accent, color, gender, gender identity or expression, disability status, height, marital status, familial status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, weight, or union activity or membership, parental status, pregnancy status, gender identity or expression, HIV antibody status, membership in any social organization, or any other factor irrelevant to your employment status or function.
For more information on this, please see the document created by our Social Justice and Political Action Committee or visit

Union Dues and Representation Fees
The Union negotiates benefits and rights of all TAs. Because we are now in a Right to Work contract, members may opt out of paying any union fees. However, if a TA does not wish to become a member they may now pay their fair share through a new representation fee to the Union currently set at 1.44% of their salary. This fee goes towards funding the advocacy and protection aspects of the Union. Full members pay a dues rate of 1.6% of their salary and have full voting rights and participation in the Union.

Employee Rights
As a TA at MSU, you have the right to:
-Borrow library books for at least 180 days
-Receive free training, usage, and support in the technology, materials, and office machinery needed for your job, and be reimbursed when you need to front the money
-Buy a parking permit that allows you to park anywhere south of the Red Cedar River
-Access loading zones to transport material
-Receive reasonable access to the buildings needed for your work
-Be given a safe and confidential place to store final exams and grades
-Be informed of any change made to a grade you have assigned and offer suggestions for course improvement
-Have employee rates and policies for buying athletic tickets
-Have a mailbox and email account

Employment Period
• Fall Semester: August 16th to December 31st
• Spring Semester is January 1st to May 15th
• Summer Semester is May 16th to August 15th.

Periods of appointment are generally semester to semester (see dates above), but they can be for up to a year or for a special limited purpose. Your letter of appointment will inform you of the dates, time fraction, and salary.
No matter what letter language, appointment letters must be postmarked or sent out by March 31st for the summer semester, April 22nd for the Fall (or Fall/Spring) semesters, and December 1st for the Spring semester. Employees who do not receive their letter within three days of receiving a past due notice from the Dean of the Graduate school shall receive two weeks’ pay from the employing unit.

For a ¼ time employee, the average weekly workload should be 10 hours. At ½ time (the typical appointment), the workload is 20 hours, and a ¾ time employee is expected to work an average of 30hrs/wk. University holidays are New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Employees are never expected to work on these days. If the workload is frequently more than the hours stipulated at the given appointment level, you shall be moved up to the next appointment level.

Training and Professional Development
All TAs shall attend an orientation and training, and may attend for more than one year. The University is responsible for providing training in the material specific to the course to which you are assigned, as well as course goals, grading policies, and classroom procedures specific to the faculty for whom you work. Reasonable requests for more training shall be granted. The Union may meet with the University up to twice a semester to discuss the need for further and improved instruction for TAs.

Level one employees are those with less than one year of experience. The minimum biweekly stipends for a level one employee are as follows:

’15-‘16 ’16-‘17 ’17-‘18 ’18-‘19
¼ Time 362 369 387 395
½ Time 724 738 774 790
¾ Time 1086 1107 1161 1185

Level two employees have a Master’s degree/equivalent and/or two semesters’ experience. Here are the minimum stipends for level two:

’15-‘16 ’16-‘17 ’17-‘18 ’18-‘19
¼ Time 400 408 428 437
½ Time 800 816 856 874
¾ Time 1200 1224 1284 1311

Level three employees are those who have a Master’s/equivalent and have completed at least four semesters of teaching, though it may vary up to six by the college you are employed by, if that was founded in 2004 or prior. Minimum stipends:

’15-‘16 ’16-‘17 ’17-‘18 ’18-‘19
¼ Time 418 426 447 456
½ Time 836 852 894 912
¾ Time 1254 1278 1341 1368

Tuition Waiver
Tuition waivers are given for nine credits in the Fall and Spring Semesters, and Five in the summer semester. Additionally, a tuition waiver pool of 450 credits/year has been granted in the contract, so if this waiver is insufficient, check www. to apply for extra credits covered by the pool! The pool usually closes approximately a month and a half before the semester begins.

You will receive a healthcare plan outlined by the Blue Care Network (BCN) that will wrap around through the summer, as long as you are employed in the Fall and Spring. MSU will subsidize Spouse/Other Eligible Individual/Dependent insurance at the following rate:

Annual MSU Cost* Student Cost
Student $2,840 $2,840 $0
Student with Spouse/OEI $5,680 $5,340 $340
Student with Spouse/OEI and 1 Child $8,520 $5,040 $3,480
Student with Spouse & all Children $11,360 $5,040 $6,320
Student with one Child $5,680 $5,340 $340
Student with all Children $8,520 $5,040 $3,480

For more information, please visit the Graduate Assistant Health Insurance at MSU Human Resources.

Additionally, students may enroll in an optional Dental plan that is 50% covered by the University.

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