Solidarity Grant Program

The Solidarity Grant Program established by the Graduate Employees Union AFT #6196 is tasked with the primary purpose of providing financial assistance to Graduate Employees Union members in hardship. As graduate students tend to live paycheck to paycheck, any kind of unanticipated financial cost can cause severe hardship ranging from usurious debt to eviction from one’s home or deportation from the country. Directing resources from the Graduate Employees Union to those in need is an act of solidarity with those members struck with misfortune, embodying the ideal that a strike against one is a strike against all.

To allow for the solidarity grant to provide aid to as many members as possible and to prioritize applications which demonstrate the greatest need, the reviewing committee will approve grants in amounts over $250 only in circumstances where the immediate health or safety of a member, their family or community are at risk or in extreme circumstances. Our major criteria are membership, as it is GEU members standing in solidarity with one another that make this program possible, the impact the funds we can share will have, and the unpredictable nature of the crisis. We have helped people with a wide range of concerns ranging from more minor issues like rent to major issues such as ensuring that members and their children can afford food and medical care.

Remember to join the Graduate Employees Union if you would like to support the Solidarity Grant Program!


If you are a member of the GEU currently suffering a hardship, you can apply for the program at this link: Solidarity Grant Program


For those with more interest in how the program is run and decisions made, please look at our guidelines here: Solidarity Grant Guidelines


The Solidarity Grant program only works because of the substantial time and energy put in by volunteers reviewing applications. If you are interested in serving on the committee that oversees the Solidarity Grant, please email

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