Pedagogy Committee


The Pedagogy Committee’s mission is to support and advocate for improving pedagogy at MSU especially with respect to issues affecting graduate teaching assistants. This can include coordinating with The Graduate School for changing or improving the services they provide for pedagogical training, working with specific Departments to improve training, and to develop in-house resources and support to teaching assistants.

Anyone interested in getting involved is welcome to reach out to us at:


Below a worksheet can be found that is meant to help facilitate a formal discussion between a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) and a faculty mentor over the roles, responsibilities, and expectations each has for the other over the duration of a teaching appointment. This exercise is best done before a teaching appointment starts and is especially helpful if it is the GTA’s first time teaching or if the GTA will be working with a faculty member they have not in the past.

If you have any concerns, we also recommend after filling out the sheet that along with each party receiving a copy that a copy can be kept in your file with your graduate secretary so that it is with a neutral party/location.

GEU TA Mentoring Worksheet

If you have used the above mentoring worksheet and could provide us with any feedback about what did or did not work, etc. please feel free to send that feedback to us below (Thank you!).