Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment Campaign

One of the major issues facing graduate students at MSU is harassment and discrimination. Because these issues stem from a broad university policy, and weak enforcement mechanisms across campus, the GEU believes it will be effective to work in coalition with identity-based groups on campus to build a broad base of collective power that can hold the university accountable when these issues arise. The office meant to investigate these issues, the Office of Institutional Equity, is overworked and understaffed, takes too long to conduct investigations, has a narrow window during which incidents can be reported, and often closes investigations with no satisfying conclusion.

How can you help? You can join a GEU committee, such as the Member Defense Committee, the International TA Committee, or Steward’s Council, each of which is working hard on this issue. If you are a member of an identity-based group and would like to connect around this issue, you can contact a member of our staff or our Vice President of Organizing and Outreach. Their information is below.

Jordan Lindsay, Staff Organizer –

Olive Hope, Staff Organizer –

Acacia Ackles, Vice President of Organizing and Outreach –