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Who Are We?
The Graduate Employees Union is a labor union representing more than 1,200 Teaching Assistants working in over 70 departments at Michigan State University.

Teaching Assistants are graduate students who work between 10 and 30 hours weekly teaching, grading, and advising MSU undergraduate and graduate students. As TA’s we provide a personal connection for many MSU students, and are often the most accessible teaching staff at the university. TAs at MSU teach more than 1/3 of the classes and perform more than 2/3 of the grading for MSU students. The GEU connects campus, reaching across academic/disciplinary/geographical/personal backgrounds.

To contact us, just email or call 517.332.2824.

Also, follow us on Twitter (@GradEmpUnion), Instagram (@geumsu) and like us on Facebook (

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