GEU Committees

Budget- The Budget Committee is responsible for crafting financial management strategies to ensure that the operations of the Union in the short-run are not inconsistent with the Union’s long-term goals of financial sustainability.  Meets at 5:30pm every other Monday. For more info email

Member Defense- Responsible for researching grievances and helping members informally mediate issues related to their employment, otherwise they help them file legal grievances if issues can’t be informally mediated (ie. overwork, harassment, etc).  Meets at 10 am every other Tuesday. For more info email

Stewards Council- Made up of department representatives that are responsible for surveying the membership about the contract so we can build our next bargaining platform and also responsible for bringing member concerns to Member Defense, etc. Meets at 6pm every other Wednesday.  For more info email

Political Action- Working on activating the membership around political issues like voter registration, the East Lansing income tax, and gerrymandering. Meets at 4:30pm every Thursday.  For more info email

Pedagogy- This committee is being rebuilt currently and will focus on developing TA training opportunities and making these more sufficient to prepare new TAs for teaching. Monthly Meetings to be determined. For more info email

Publicity- This committee is responsible for GEU managing messaging, communications, and media contacts.Publicizing GEU events and maintaining strategic media contacts.  They draft press releases, emails, advise promotional campaigns, and develop website content management strategy. Meets every other Monday at 4:00pm  For more info email

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