Fast to Feed Donation Page

Join the Graduate Employees Union this Thanksgiving as we “Fast to Feed”

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What: Fast for 24 hours and donate the money you would have spent on food, coffee, pop.

– Fasting means to go without eating or drinking anything other than water.

-100% of funds donated will go to support Greater Lansing Food Bank.

When: We are fasting together from 7:00PM on Monday, November 21st – 7:00PM on Tuesday, November 22nd. Join us on Tuesday night at 7:00PM at the GEU Office, 319 1/2 E Grand River as we break our fast and break bread together.

Why: By donating only the money you normally spend on food, it costs you nothing to donate.

– When you fast, you experience for 24 hours the same feelings that the people you are helping go through on a regular basis.

– Local area food banks can feed a family of 4 for +/-a week with $60.

How:  to donate what you pledge to save by fasting this weekend.


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