Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment Campaign

There are major concerns at MSU concerning how graduate students are treated, with many–especially international students and students with marginalized identities–experience discrimination or harassment during their time here. The GEU is committed to building coalition with other organizations on campus to fight against discrimination and harassment, and to hold the university accountable for their role in perpetuating these issues. The office meant to investigate these issues, the Office of Institutional Equity, is overworked, takes too long to conduct investigations, has a narrow window during which incidents can be reported, and often closes investigations with no satisfying conclusion.

How can you help? One way is to show up in support of victims of discrimination and harassment. You can volunteer to attend meetings with victims as they go through the reporting process, or file a report of discrimination / harassment on their behalf. You can also join various committees, especially the Member Defense Committee, to help victims navigate this process and find actual solutions to their issues.